The Haunting of Historic Fort Ritchie

We dare you to visit Fort Ritchie, the once operational military base. Coming this Fall for the most terrifying experience you'll ever have!

General Rules

  • DO NOT Smoke, Run, Eat, Drink Inside The Attraction
  • DO NOT Touch The Actors Or Props
  • ABSOLUTELY NO Video Or Flash Photography Inside The Attraction
  • NO SMOKING In Any Queue Line Or Attraction
  • NO ALCOHOL In Any Queue Line Or Attraction
  • NO DRUGS Of Any Kind On The Property
  • NO WEAPONS Of Any Kind On The Property
  • Line Jumping Will Result In Expulsion From The Attraction
  • Place-Holding Is Not Permitted
  • No Running Or Pushing
  • This Attraction Is Not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Items
  • No Bags, Purses or Backpacks Allowed
  • No Costumes allowed
  • Proper shoes are necessary – flip flops, sandals or high heals are not recommended
  • Absolutely NO Cell Phones
  • You CANNOT use your Cell Phone for LIGHT
  • Any Assault on our Actors or Monster will result in Legal Action
  • If you endanger our Actors or Monsters, you will be ejected from the attraction without refund
  • If any of the guidelines cannot be followed, you will be ejected from the attraction without refund
  • We reserve the right to eject you from this attraction at any time for for any reason, without refund
  • It will be dark!
  • There will be Strobes, Low Lighting and Fog
  • There will be Increases and Decreases in the Floor
  • Laser Pointers are NOT Permitted
  • LED or Bulb Flash Lights are NOT Permitted
  • Do Not Bring In Large Purses, Backpacks, Masks Or Costumes. You Will Be Asked To Take Them Back To Your Vehicle.

WARNING This Attractions Has:

  • Shocking Devices.
  • Intense Audio
  • Lighting Effects
  • Extreme Low Visibility
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fog & Mist
  • Damp or Wet Floors
  • Moving Floors
  • An Overall Physically Demanding Environment


  • You suffer from Asthma
  • You have Heart Conditions
  • You are prone to Seizures
  • Have any Anxiety Disorders
  • You suffer from Physical Ailments
  • Have Respiratory Conditions
  • You suffer from Claustrophobia.
  • You suffer from Mental Illness
  • You suffer from any Medical Problems
  • You are Intoxicated
  • You are wearing any form of cast
  • You are wearing a Medical Brace
  • You are using Crutches
  • You have any Physical Limitations
  • You are taking any Medications
  • You are using Drugs of Any Type

Box Office

  • Absolutely NO Refunds
  • Purchase at your own Risk
  • Duplicate Tickets will be Destroyed without Refund
  • We Accept Cash, Credit. and Apple Pay
  • ATM Available Nearby
  • We Accept: __Visa, __MasterCard, __AE, __DiscoverCard,
  • Tickets are not Transferable
  • DO NOT Lose or Misplace your Ticket
  • We are NOT Responsible for Lost or Stolen Tickets
  • If you lose your Ticket, you will need to purchase another one at full price.
  • Coupons cannot be combined with any other Deals, Discounts or Offers
  • Not Recommended For Children Under Under The Age Of 12
  • We DO NOT offer Refunds If Children get too scared to enter.
  • Your Ticket Is A Revocable License And May Be Taken And Admissions Refused Without Refund
  • This Attraction reserves The Right To Refuse Admission To Anyone For Any Reason
  • Ticket Holder Understands That There Is Inherent Risk Involved With Attending This Attraction
  • Ticket Holder Voluntarily Assumes ALL Risks And Dangers Associated With Participation Of This Attraction
  • Tampered Wristbands may be Revoked

24930 Reservoir Road
Cascade, MD 21719
(717) 446-7700